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's comment is quote nuts. governor bobby jindal says the remark insulted voters' intelligence. romney's, quote gifts, fallout led to verbal fireworks when i talked earlier with cnn contributors will cain and l.z. granderson. >> when you look at mitt romney's comments, first of all, you can say it's not very sportsmanlike. you just lost and now you're saying all the reasons that you lost -- >> drinking the hateraid, that's what it is. >> right, right. however, though, i say this as well, what mitt romney had to say wasn't inaccurate. it wasn't politically advantageous but the democratic party has been -- >> wait, wait, wait, wait. >> did you just say it wasn't inaccurate? >> it wasn't inaccurate? what are you talking about? >> first of all, i think your guys two reactions is just outstanding. just amazing. yes, i was saying that -- >> i think your lack of reaction is amazing. >> all right. i'm a little taken aback by the chorus of surprise. i really am. for both of you guys. yes his statement is accurate. the democratic party has been crafting policies that are tailor-made for various
the election caused outrage. claiming obama gave large gifts to voters. and it is said romney's gift remark is accurate. just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am i on the naughty list again? ho ho ho! let me guess, am i on the naughty list again? the wheels of progress. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. >>> 5:39 in the morning. in gaza city. you're looking at live pictures now. this is from palestine tv. all live pictures you will see in a moment from reuters. of a city that probably did not get much sleep, preparing for the week and preparing for another day.
a real problem when the voters think you don't like them. mitt romney was picking up the theme he improvidently put before the country and inadvertently with his 47% video during the xhan. quit dispiesing the american people. >> i always wondered how people became incent experts. didn't the republicans notice the phrase 1% that they were defending? didn't they notice the phrase 47% that was being dismissed? all that time being thrown at them and they're all saying romney is going to win this baby. george will said he was going to win, peggy noonan, karl rove. everyone said he's on a winning campaign strategy. everything is working and now they're all instant, yorn what. st. paul and the road to damascus and that road is really crowded, these converts. your thoughts. >> first of all, there's a personal level to this. the fact is that john of the other republicans ever liked mitt romney and he didn't do anything during the campaign to endear himself to them. don't forget, he attacked them all in the primaries. this is kind of the revenge of the clowns here. he knocked them off one a
and cutting spending. how is that balanced? it's exactly the romney/ryan agenda that voters rejected on election night. but republicans still can't let it go. joining me now is jackie kucinich, politics reporter for u"usa today," and heather mcgee vice president of demoez policy center. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you. >> thank you, reverend. >> heather, let me start with you. is paul ryan's role in these talks that many republicans don't want to budge on raising tacks for the rich? >> it would be very difficult for them to go from an election in which they were voicing essentially unmitigated supply-side, trickle-down economics to suddenly two weeks later be able to say, oh, we believe that growth starts from the bottom up, starts from the middle up. it would be very difficult for them to do that. so, yeah, you're going to have a lot of conservatives in the house wanting to hear paul ryan be the standard-bearer for the debt. the issue is that we are still facing crisis-level records of unemployment. if we are going to move through this fiscal obstacle course and get back
deportation being pushed by mitt romney hurt our chances. we're in a death spiral with hispanic voters because of rhetoric around immigration. and candidate romney and the primary dug the hole deeper. you know, people can be on public assistance and scheme the system. that's real. and these programs are teetering on bankruptcy. but most people are on public assistance don't have a character flaw. they just have a tough life. i want to create more jobs, and the focus should be on how to create more jobs, not demonize those who find themselves in hard times. our party can adjust. conservatism is an asset. but rhetoric like this keeps digging a hole for the republican party. and it we don't stop digging, we're never going to get out of it. >> senator, thank you very much. >> egypt. watch what you do and how you do it. you're teetering with the congress on having your aid cut off if you keep inciting violence between the israelis and the palestinians. >> we've covered it all. senator, thank you for that. i appreciate it very much. yeah. other than that, have a nice day. >> i can't think of anythin
the election. cheering romney's gift comments. he's on this push that voters really are the sort of lazy moochers and you know, they get the government they deserve. increasingly bitter. >> stephanie: i love your tweet. paging fox news, hash tag benghazi. gallup news, obama's best rating in years. >> amazing. >> i was just thinking this morning, they have taken what is an important issue clearly anú important issue ambassador is killed. americans died. certainly outstanding questions to be answered about the security of the consulate and what happened and they've taken this important serious issue and turned it into this joke. they've turned it into same with fast and furious and important questions about this gun program and turned it into this joke. and they just scream it over and over to the point where nobody is going to care about anything. in the end nobody cared about fast and furious and in the end i'm afraid that no one is going to care about what happened to benghazi because they've turned it into this partisan jok
after losing the presidential election, mitt romney held a conference call with some of the campaign workers and he remarked on how obama used the old play back to target specific interest groups like african-american and hispanic communities and young voters and he said and i quote, you can imagine for somebody making 25 or 30,000 or 35,000 a year, being told that you're now going to get free health care, particularly if you don't have it, getting free health care worth what, $10,000 per family, in perpetuity, i mean, this is huge. likewise, with hispanic voters, free health care was a big plus. but in addition with regards to hispanic voters, the amnesty for children of illegals, the so-called dream act. i was campaigned for governor romney and disappointed he didn't win. and i'm going to take issue with the thought that people who are poor want to be. and people getting government benefits want to stay there. as a speaks person who didn't start out on the high economic spectrum, on the other end, as a pastor for ten years and a governor and saw more than half the people get off of
after losing the presidential election mitt romney held a conference call with many soft campaign workers. he remarked on how obama used the old playbook to target specific interest groups african-americans and hispanic and young voters. you can imagine somebody making 25, 30, $35,000 a year being told you are going to get free health care, particularly if you don't have it, worth $10,000 per family in perpetuity. this is huge. likewise with his manic voters free health care was a big plus in addition with regards to hispanic voters amnesty for illegals, so-called dream act was a huge plus for that voting group. i campaigned for governor romney and was for him and disappointed when he didn't win. i'm going to take issue with the perception that people who are poor want to be. and people getting government benefits want to stay there. in my experience as a person who didn't start out on the high end of the economic spectrum on the other end as a pastor for 12 years then as a governor who worked 10 1/2 years and saw more than half the people get off of welfare rolls on to a payroll,
romney's comments on president obama's so-called gifts to minority voters continued with republ republican after republican hitting their nominee on the sunday show circuit as the parties try to recalibrate on this year's disastrous elected. let's bring in our monday final, beth reinhardt, tracy seppel, and contributor and former communications direct or to senator rick santorum, robert trainham. let's talk twinkies. just kidding. i just have that on my mind. i want to talk about the party, beth, and you spent a long time before coming to washington in florida. let's talk about marco rubio's role. we'll talk about bobby jindal but marco rubio just happened to go to iowa. what a great guy. this is someone who has national aspirations clearly. from your close read on him, is he someone who can make that leap? he went from the state legislature to the u.s. senate seamlessly. going from senate to presidential candidate is another. does he have it in him? >> if you watch marco rubio speak, not necessarily the speech in iowa -- >> this is what you would expect a republican to say. >>
at the bloomberg endorsement that came at the last minute? . he believed this was an issue that voters cared about that independents would swing to obama over climate change and some of the polling absolutely supports this that this was one of the reasons that people voted for obama over romney was that they were concerned about climate change and they felt he was a better candidate on climate change. we had a terrible, terrible candidate on climate change and we had a candidate on climate change who needs a lot of pressure. so i feel more optimistic than i did in 2008 because in 2008 the attitude of the environmental movement was our guy just got in and we need to support him and he's going to give us the legislation that we want and we'll take his advice and we're going to be good little soldiers and now maybe i'm being overly optimistic, but i think people learn the lesson of the past four years and people now understand that what obama needs and what we need, forget what obama needs is a real independent movement with climate change at its center and it will put pressure the entire political c
digging. hurts our chances, we're in a death spiral with hispanic voters because of rhetoric around immigration and candidate romney and the primary dug the hole deeper. people can be on public assistance and scheme the system. that's real. these programs are teetering on bankruptcy but most people on public assistance don't have a character flaw. they just have a tough life. i want to create more jobs and the focus should be on how to create more jobs not demonize. rhetoric like this keeps digging a hole and if we don't stop digging we're never going to get out of it. >> look who is here? >> it's amazing. joining us now conservative columnist from "the new york post" and editor of magazine, he wrote a piece entitled "mitt still doesn't get it." and he wrote in part this. romney's vision of a better america than obama's was one that rewarded success rather than penalized it and gave running room to entrepreneurs to realize the american dream. but such a vision isn't actually inclusive. it speaks to those whose energies will likely make them successes no matter what they do and says
the countdown now. speaking of the republican party, mitt romney still catching a lot of flack for his recent comments that he lost the election because president obama offered gifts to african-american and hispanic voters. a lot of that criticism coming from his own party. who is weighing in now? >> yeah. the late toast weigh in now is newt gingrich. of course, the former house speaker ran against mitt romney for the nomination and became a backer of romney's in the general election. take a listen to what he said on the sunday talk shows. >> i just think it's nuts. first of all, it's insulting. this would be like walmart having a bad week and going the customers have really been unruly. i mean, the job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. if we can't offer a better future that is believable to more people, we're not going to win. >> gingrich's name is added to a long list of republicans who have been critical of romney's comments. the key for mitt romney is when will he come out and talk about the comments and i guess, you know, tell his story of what happened in the el
issue once again to the center of american politics. gov. mitt romney received a small percentage of latino and asian voters, much less than george w. bush received, it is often noted. many said that his views on immigration and conservatism's approach to immigration generally were to blame for the gop's poor showing this time around. romney tried to appeal in some respects to all conservative factions on immigration. he repeatedly said that he was in favor of more legal immigration, emphasizing legal, but particularly during the primary season, he took a harder line on the question of illegal immigration. what we at aei have decided to do is convene a thoughtful panel of folks to discuss this service at immigration reform. this the american enterprise institute for public policy research, not the institute ofor figuring out how to get conservatives or republicans elected. we are interested in finding the right solutions to public policy problems and issues, and immigration is no different. i asked our panelists that while the temptation in the present moment will be to talk solel
there is still massive voter fraud in this country. when you have 20,000 people in voting in philadelphia for barack obama and none for mitt romney and you have 90% turnout in some of those spots, that is pretty obvious. the attorney generals in these republican states need to let the hammer down and puts people in jail for voter fraud and we will see a free and fair election next time. the republicans don't have that much of our problem. two years from now we will have another election. i promised the republicans will do really well throughout the election. host: chris writes -- keith in virginia beach, you are on the line wi. i think we lost him., is caller: how are you? columbus, ohio. i am a republican. what i love in the republicans is they -- when they say people give us free money. [indiscernible] i worked for a company and that's where i loved my republican voice. host: lia is on the line. caller: i worked in the primary. what i think needs to happen is we just need to be able to coalesce around a single candidate during the primaries. we cannot do that this time.
wouldn't the middle class voter look at that and say, these guys, the gop, are all about protecting the rich? >> americans voted divisively for fair share taxes on the richest. >> what was stupid about what romney said? >> i just think it's nuts. i mean, first of all, it's insulting. this would be like walmart having a bad week and going the customers have really been unruly. >> we're in a big hole. we're not getting out of it by comments like that. when you're in a hole, stop digging. he keeps digging. >> we don't need to demonize or stay stupid things. ♪ >> it is a busy monday for politics and policy both here at home and on the world stage. conflict is raging in the middle east, and we'll bring you more on that in just a moment. but first, the president is in cambodia. a presidential first and the third and final stop on his southeast asia tour. he's also made a historic visit to myanmar urging further reforms there. and to thailand where he sought a little divine intervention for budget negotiations that are ongoing in washington. >> yes, we're working on this budget. we're go
are not the party of the 47%. when governor romney said what he did last week that, you know, osama one because of gifts to latinos and voter minorities that is insulting. they didn't vote for obama because of obamacare. i think that he is engaging in obama in the same type of class warfare discussion that he wants to have. i think we have to go back to the conservative populism which is to talk about the economy but i would say something else. we cannot run only on the economic message. we have to be full conservatives on social issues, on the national security and on the economy. >> and aspirational americanism where you are free to go as far as you want to go and to do what you want to do and york absolutely right about the community especially, you know, they're very on japan real and when they start small businesses, guess what they start liking the big government less. >> unfortunately we are out of time so want to thank you all for joining me today and please join me in thanking our panelists. [applause] the mindset of the world well into the 1990's was that white airlines access was stu
debate, i am produce certain romney french kissed barack obama. [laughter] i have no doubt that there is a focus group somewhere of undecided ohio voters who have lived in a cave for the last 30 years who decided they liked that. do not show any disagreement whatsoever with the president. be a nice guy and have a personality contest. those turned out so well for us. our ideas work. their ideas do not work. even that first debate. how striking was it when mitt romney pressed obama, his response was, under bill clinton, there was great economic prosperity. the whole answer of obama is all about bill clinton and how nifty economy was under him. i would have given a limb to see ann romney turn to him and say, i knew bill clinton -- see romney turn to him and say, mr. president, i knew bill clinton. [laughter] our ideas work. their ideas don't. he last the month years, our economy has grown to 1.5% per year. that is less than half the historical average. this president is fond of saying he inherited the worst economy in the history of the universe. everything, by the way, is geo
. jindal's been critical of mitt romney and the republicans since they lost the election. he says the way to start winning majorities is by not insulting the voter. >> i think we can be respectful of those that disagree with us. we don't need to demonize those that disagree with us. we need to respect the fact that others have come to different conclusions based o on their own sincerely held beliefs. we don't need so say stupid things. we had candidates in indiana and missouri that said stupid things that not only hurt themselves but hurt the republican party across the board. >> since bobby jindal brought it up, let's talk about that with our panel here. >> let's go there. >> as the ranking member on the table here, representative diane heyworth, what do you make of what bobby jindal said there? >> i completely agree with him that it's crucial for republicans to focus on the issues that all americans can share as concerns. to me that means respecting what people do in their personal lives as being the province of the individual citizen and thinking very carefully together about how we ac
to learn to get the message out there. for example, when romney announced paul ryan, you notice the background, all white. why? that's just stupid if you're trying to reach out to voters. same thing at the convention -- >> you blame it solely on on the candidate himself not -- >> and the party. the candidate and the campaign and some of our senatorial candidates got it better which is why they faired fairly well. but you have to have the positive optimistic reaganesque message, sound money, lower tax rate, opportunity of controlling your own health care and the like. >> but people say demographics are going in the wrong direction. >> demographics change. we assume if you start out in a certain part of life you're going to stay there forever? no. people move up. >> what about -- >> irish, italians were all seen as democrat. ray began coeagan comes along, to republican. >> you ck didn't have 47% on th receiving end. i'm allowed to say 47%. i'm not running for anything. it wasn't 47% when reagan was running. and i'm with andrew on this, listening to the radio, there was this really
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)